An online and physical bookstore by design publisher Uro Publications offering a tightly curated selection of specialist art, architecture and design books from around Australia and the world.

︎Melbourne, Australia

Online bookshop and publishing house offering a great selection of new and secondhand art and design books alongside magazines, homewares, stationery and toys.

Bookstore located amidst a good selection of Berlin’s independent art galleries. Stocks an excellent selection of magazines, alongside many art and design books.

︎Berlin, Germany

Independent bookshop and publisher located at Broadway Market. Stocking a distinct selection of new and rare titles, with a focus on photography, art, critical theory, LGBT literature, music, fashion, counterculture, erotica, and esoteric.

︎London, United Kingdom [Recommended by Alexa Meffe]

Publishes and sells books about graphic design, typography, illustration, photography, art and architecture. Encourages submissions to their collection and their newsletter is always bursting with inspiring new design books.

[Recommended by Alexa Meffe]

Gallery and cinema with a great selection of independent publishers, including a selection of rare and out of print books.

︎London, United Kingdom

An artist-run, open-access studio offering a great selection of new and secondhand art and design books, as well as bookmaking and creative tools.

︎London, United Kingdom

A small store with a mighty selection of magazines and books.

︎Brighton, United Kingdom

An independent bookshop specialising in the best of architecture, photography, graphic design, popular culture, fashion, film, music and art books, as well as a curated collection of fiction, non-fiction and children's books.

︎Melbourne, Australia

90 square metres of magazines, fanzines and art books. A quiet retreat in Kreuzberg with excellent window installations.

︎ Berlin, Germany

Access to a stylistically expansive range of Black and Brown voices in poetry, visual art, critical thought and design. The library’s focus is education, knowledge production, creative inspiration and skill development through works by artists, designers, historians, and activists from around the world.

A selection of fiction, non-fiction as well as the art books you’d suspect from this peaceful gallery next to Camberwell College of Arts.

︎London, United Kingdom

An independent art theory bookstore, a debuting publishing house and a web platform dedicated to the representation of the best examples of artistic, critical and creative ways of making small publications.

︎ Vilnius, Lithuania

A carefully curated selection of magazines and book from all areas of design, art and culture.

︎ Munich, Germany

Many of the publications are screenprinted and handbound here on handmade paper. You can additionally shop their collection in this peaceful, hidden nook only a short tuk-tuk ride from the city centre.

︎ Chennai, India

A space for independent artist publishing. The bookshop commissions a programme of regular events including launches, performance and installations by contemporary artists working with printed matter in expanded forms.

︎London, United Kingdom

Independent international publisher of contemporary art, theory, critique, and design books – offering critical reflection, interdisciplinary inspiration, and establishing the connections between cultural disciplines and socio-political questions.

Excellent rotating, hand-selection of quality international art and design journals, artists’ monographs, exhibition catalogues, artists’ editions, collected writings and printed ephemera.

︎Melbourne, Australia