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The AcropolisThe Acropolis, Athens

City Guides

These maps of various cities around the world are perfect for loading on a phone for help finding good coffee, delicious dinner and excellent booknooks whilst you’re wandering.


Doing Me, Doing Athens

The history in Athens is unbeatable and humbling to say the least. A sprawling city with so many layers to be discovered ︎

Hamburger Bahnhof

Hamburger Bahnhof Gallery, Berlin
Street sign, Berlin


Doing Me, Doing Berlin

There is so much to discover in this city – day and night – and something for every taste and desire ︎

Berlin Architecture

Doing Me, Doing Berlin Architecture

This city is bursting with weird and wonderful buildings. Cycling is easy, and you can hop from spot to spot on any sunny day ︎

Flowers in Hamburg


Doing Me, Doing Hamburg

The grown up Berlin. A little more polished, a little more sophisticated, more traditionally beautiful and full of just as many tales to tell ︎


Doing Me, Doing Lisbon

Most of these recommendations came from locals. An espresso and a Pastel to start the day, always ︎

Housing estates between Elephant and Castle and Camberwell.
Camberwell, London
The Barbican
Barbican, London


Doing Me, Doing London

London is a fantastic place. It's hectic and busy, but the energy and charm is unbeatable ︎

Doing Me, Doing Melbourne

A map of, arguably, Australia’s coolest city ︎


Doing Me, Doing Paris

Paris is all the clichés and it's beautiful as a result. All you could dream and more ︎

View of the city, Porto


Doing Me, Doing Porto

Perhaps this goes against popular opinion... Porto is the best Portuguese city ︎