Climate & Sustainability

Archives, thoughts and actions on the role of the designer in fighting climate change and utilising sustainable practices in our day to day.

Earth Day Archive

Slow Factory & Pinterest

Inspiration board of some of the first posters from Earth Day 1970, and a beautiful rabbit hole of posters, pictures, and protests throughout the years ︎︎︎

Open Education Knowledge Library

Slow Factory

Slow Factory’s 4-part “crash course” in Sustainability Literacy, teaches about sustainability at the intersection of environmental and social justice. The accesbile course works within a framework of open education to broaden access to learning and training traditionally offered through formal education systems or corporate programs that are inaccessible to most people.
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A research and design lab, offering innovative solutions to some of the major societal changes expected to affect people and our planet in the years to come. Recommend reading their article Beyond Human Centred Design︎︎︎