Nothing beats building out your own palette. The beginning of this article explains quickly and concisely how the colour wheel works, with diagrams that will be invaluable to anyone new to this world.

Enrich your drawing and painting with color palettes drawn from the latest inspirational projects in the Behance Illustration gallery.

Blog curating a selection of colour palettes.

Easy to explore, handpicked colours.

An exhaustive variety of ways to discover colour palettes. Explore randomly, by trends, through photographs, or build gradient palettes.

Scroll through colours at random, or explore various tones and shades of a selected colour.

Instagram account full of colour combinations discovered out in the real world.

A playful method for building colour palettes.

A classic design read from Bauhaus heavyweight Josef Albers. Albers explores the way colour works, not least of all its relationship to one another and various forms.

Search a word for its associated colours (according to the internet).

Toggle the variations on the left to discover two complimentary colours.

A fun tool for building gradients.

The podcast 99% Invisible’s episode inspired by Kassia St. Clair’s book of the same name. The team dive into the history and psychology of colour.