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It can be quite daunting to start out on your own, but there are a wealth of excellent resources online to help. 

A guide to working with clients

The Creative Independent

On understanding your value and nurturing relationships from the amazing (yet sadly now defunct) HAWRAF Studio ︎

EU Late Payment Fees

European Union

It's unfortunate that we need such a guide. Check the legal percentage you can charge as interest for late payments in each European country ︎

Finding your creative voice and style


A great article to inspire everyone to work on learning themselves and growing from each project and experience ︎

Freelance Rate Calculator

Alexandria Neonakis

Know your worth. Working backwards from what your living expenses into how much profit you'd like to make and how much you'll need to earn an hour/day to meet that. This calculator was recommended by Sarah at aequa ︎

How to get paid as a freelancer

Lecture in Progress

Once the work is done, payments can be the next hurdle as a freelancer. How to ensure you can afford to eat at the end of each project ︎

How to get press for your creative work

The Creative Independent

Article from one of the best platforms for design thoughts. This guide to PR is especially helpful ︎

Standard Form of Agreement for Design Services


Covers all the basics of what you should include in any contract you write for design services ︎

What Does It Mean to Unionize When You’re Your Own Boss?

AIGA Eye on Design

Looking at the history of design and unions and how freelancers can lead the way forward ︎