Online and IRL courses for everything you might ever wish to learn about design. 

Creative Lives in Progress Guides Series

It’s Nice That

Comprehensive guides that go a bit deeper than their usual advice articles, with actionable steps on everything from pitching for work to building connections. – Free

Open Education Knowledge Library

Slow Factory

Slow Factory’s 4-part “crash course” in Sustainability Literacy, teaches about sustainability at the intersection of environmental and social justice. The accesbile course works within a framework of open education to broaden access to learning and training traditionally offered through formal education systems or corporate programs that are inaccessible to most people.
– Free

Open Education Resources

Slow Factory & Pinterest

Slow Factory believes in an open-source education. Here you will find all of the resources for the education work they do.
– Free


Online courses

A huge variety of short courses for creatives, by some of the best in their fields.
– Free trial period followed by monthly subscription

Plan, Design + Code Your First Website

Online coding course

Gain a whole range of new creative and digital skills so that you can design and build your first website from start to finish.
– Free

The Art of Aaron Blaise

Online Animation & Illustration courses

Aaron Blaise is a superstar of Disney animation offering a wealth of online drawing and animation courses. Due to Covid-19, a fair few of them are now free or heavily discounted.

The Price is Right ︎

Online Course from Intern Mag

Over four hours of videos and tasks taking you through ways designers and other creative freelancers price their work. This comprehensive course helps you value your work by also looking at confidence, negotiation, contracts, invoicing and chasing payments.

The Science of Wellbeing

Yale University

The most popular course in the more than three-century history of Yale, The Science of Well Being highlights research that reveals misconceptions about what makes us happy — and the concrete steps we can take to live a more fulfilling life.
– Free