Pointy Hand


Print isn’t dead, it’s bloomed into ever beautiful publications with ever awe-inspiring content.


Art and culture with an excellent wealth of articles online ︎


It’s kind of like interior design shows from the 90s, but Apartamento has a lot more heart and style than Changing Rooms ︎


Music and lifestyle magazine exploring hip-hop culture. A real visual delight ︎

Eye on Design

A publication covering the world’s best designers and topics and issues having an impact on the design profession. Each issue is guest edited by a different designer ︎

Migrant Journal

Six issue publication exploring the theme of migrants with a different focus per issue, such as people, information and goods. Excellent articles and great design ︎ 


A bi-weekly magazine, every 6 issues are then compounded into wire-bound publications ︎


The smart women's mag; great interviews, features and pieces online and it’s excellent in print ︎


A magazine subscription service which delivers a surprise independent publication to your door each month. An excellent selection at a low cost ︎

The Plant

Photographers, illustrators, writers and artists explore the plant world to a stunning conclusion ︎


Online architecture magazine with eclectic themes and 43 issues for exploring ︎