Doing Me Doing You is a full service creative branding and communication studio.

We offer a range of project services. Please get in touch with Hayley at to book a discovery call.

Our Services –

Brand Strategy & Identity
Voice, Tone & Copywriting
Art & Creative Direction
Visual Design
Website Design
Books & Magazines
Type & Lettering Design

Retainer Service –

Lots of odd bit and bob creative jobs you need help with? We’re offering a retainer service for current and future clients. Let us be your in-house communications team – helping you with those projects you’ve thought of, but haven’t had the space to bring to life. We could be cleaning up your current graphics, rolling out your new branding, updating your website, preparing newsletters, managing print production jobs... As you need us per week, we’ll be your go-to for visuals. Get in touch today to book in a 1 month trial.

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︎ Rainbow Beach,
QLD, Australia
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︎Rainbow Beach, QLD, Australia

Privacy Policy