In the year of global travel bans, lockdowns and a lot of staying at home, Adobe streamed their mighty conference online. With a stellar line-up, and when ticket prices usually set you back more than $1000USD, it was an absolute highlight to watch for free. Many of the talks are still available on demand and the conference is online again for 2021.

Featuring the world’s brightest talent since 1995, Design Indaba has become a respected institution on the creative landscape, led by its annual Design Indaba Conference that features the best of the world's creative industry.

One of the platforms from It's Nice That. Talks given one Tuesday of every month. A wealth of inspiration from some of the best creatives working today.

Another event from It’s Nice That with a stellar line up of speakers. Explore talks from 2012 to 2017.  

Bringing you videos about art and artists from around the world, through interviews with artists, exhibition previews, celebrity art fans, live performance art and more.

Typographics is a design festival for people who use type. The core of Typographics is a lecture series focused on the contemp­orary use of type.

Selection of Talks

A short talk by Ruben Pater, author of The Politics of Design.

project bauhaus

The Hidden Treasures of Bauhaus Dessau brings to life recently discovered original typography from the legendary Bauhaus school of design. World-renowned typeface designer Erik Spiekermann talks us through the effort to turn these lost letter fragments and sketches into complete and fully functional fonts. Simultaneously designer Caterina Bianchini uses the fonts in a series of poster designs.

Adobe Hidden Treasures

How does typography take on the characteristics of a story? Can it capture a specific voice or evoke a narrative? Can it foreshadow? This presentation explores conceptual typography in print, how illustration can inform typographic sensibility and why expressive typography is essential to effective editorial design.

Typographics 2020

The Amsterdam-based graphic designer specialises in book making. With her use of unfamiliar formats, materials, colors, structures, and typography she presents her process for making the book into a visual and haptic experience.

TED Talks

The Pentagram partner shares his wisdom and experience on how to think like a designer.

Design Indaba

Legendary designer Milton Glaser offers a look inside his creative process and ponders on the poster.

TED Talk

The renowned designer provides an expert lesson on branding and the designer’s autonomy while discussing his visual system behind NikeLab.

Nicer Tuesdays

The principles of animation – taken from the Disney book of the same name – cleanly illustrates the elements which bring an animation to life.

Walt Disney Studios

Part history lesson, part complicated love letter to a city, Eric Hu shares how his upbringing in multicultural Los Angeles fueled his lifelong passion for letters.

Typographics 2020