Pointy Hand


Abstract Season One – Paula Scher


The Pentagram partner’s feature on this Netflix design show is a great design history lesson  ︎

Erik Spikermann & Caterina Bianchini

Adobe Hidden Treasures

This is a long one. But it’s worth it. Erik talks through the revival of two Bauhaus fonts, while Caterina designs posters with the fonts while we watch ︎

Irma Boom: Manifesto for the Book

TED Talks

Irma Boom’s books are mind-boggling works of art that prove the simplest ideas – well executed – will often be the ones which resonate the most ︎

Michael Bierut on how to think like a designer

Design Indaba

The Pentagram partner shares his wisdom and experience on how to think like a designer ︎

The Illusion of Life

Walt Disney Studios

The principles of animation – taken from the Disney book of the same name – cleanly illustrates the elements which bring an animation to life ︎