Talks & Movies

Abstract Season One – Paula Scher ︎︎︎


The Pentagram partner’s feature on this Netflix design show is a great design history lesson.

Erik Spikermann & Caterina Bianchini ︎︎︎

Adobe Hidden Treasures

Erik talks through the revival of two Bauhaus fonts, while Caterina designs posters with the fonts live.

Graphic Means ︎︎︎


30 years since the desktop computer revolutionized the way the graphic design industry works, this movie studies the decades before that. When design was at the hands of industrious workers, and various ingenious machines and tools.

Helvetica ︎︎︎


A full-length insight into the history of this ubiquous font.

Irma Boom: Manifesto for the Book ︎︎︎

TED Talks

Irma Boom’s books are mind-boggling works of art that prove the simplest ideas – well executed – will often be the ones which resonate the most.

Michael Bierut on how to think like a designer ︎︎︎

Design Indaba

The Pentagram partner shares his wisdom and experience on how to think like a designer.

The Illusion of Life ︎︎︎

Walt Disney Studios

The principles of animation – taken from the Disney book of the same name – cleanly illustrates the elements which bring an animation to life.