Type Foundaries

Essentially, a Swiss type design agency offering retail and bespoke typefaces, design software, research, and consultancy. This website is set in Dinamo’s Favorit.

Publishing a growing library of typefaces developed through visual, textual and experiential research. The Foundry also offers a bespoke type design service.

bb-bureau is a studio specializing in graphic and type design set up by Benoît Bodhuin. bb-bureau is also the type foundry distributing Benoît Bodhuin's experimental and wild fonts.

An independent type design foundry with the aim to design, produce and distribute beautiful typefaces which will age gracefully.

An international, award-winning type foundry creating, publishing, and distributing high-quality retail and custom typefaces for analog and digital media.

An independent type foundry established by Martin Vácha in 2016. The foundry focuses on retail and custom typefaces with the aim to develop distinctive typefaces that are missing on the market. Moments of imperfection and spontaneous irregularities inspire their ethos.

Challenging expectations of what type design can be, while maintaining the integrity of typographic communications. Designs that recognise creativity, personality and abstraction are equally as important as style, clarity and legibility.

A curated selection of free fonts for times when you don’t have cash to splash.

A space for designers to sell experimental WIP fonts. Buyers get discounts and the freshest fonts, while funding designers to continue the development of their faces.

Type design studio offering high quality retail and custom typefaces.

Klim Type’s foundational ethos is “a thing well made” and the typefaces combine historical knowledge with rigorous contemporary craft.

Type foundry challenging the conventions of type design.

Excellent for students and anyone just beginning their type collection. The foundry sell affordable starter packs of their trend-led faces and mock-ups.

Recommended by Alexa Meffe

Pizza Typefaces is the retail and bespoke type offerings of Adrien Midzic and Luc Borho.

High quality typefaces building on the legacy of the Swiss Style, redefining it with their vision of the new generation.

Type collective designing and distributing free and open source fonts.

Decorative, varied and beautiful type designed by studio Violaine et Jeremy.

Tré Seals, founder of Studio Seals, created a type foundry that introduces a diverse perspective from design communities that had a small voice in the industry.