Type Foundries

ABC Dinamo ︎︎︎

Germany and Switzerland

Arguably one of the most compelling type foundries around right now building excellent modern classics. 

bb-bureau ︎︎︎


The funkiest fonts around. An array of very interesting fonts like nothing else around.

Blaze Type ︎︎︎


Type design & art direction agency with the aim to design, produce and distribute beautiful typefaces which will age gracefully and provide incredible functionality over their years of use.

Colophon ︎︎︎

London and Los Angeles

An international, award-winning type foundry creating, publishing, and distributing high-quality retail and custom typefaces for analog and digital media.

Displaay ︎︎︎

Prague, Czech Republic

Small independent type foundry and design studio with an excellent output. Founded by Martin Vácha.

Free Faces ︎︎︎


A curated selection of good free fonts for times when you don’t have cash to splash.

Future Fonts ︎︎︎


A space for designers to sell experimental WIP fonts so we get discounts and the freshest fonts whilst funding a designers future projects along the way.

Hungarumlaut ︎︎︎


Type design studio offering high quality retail and custom typefaces.

Klim Type Foundry ︎︎︎

New Zealand

Two person team working across Wellington, NZ and Barcelona, Spain. Good selection of retail and custom options.

Or Type ︎︎︎


Type foundry challenging the conventions of type design.

Pizza Typefaces ︎︎︎


Pizza Typefaces is Adrien Midzic and Luc Borho. They also develop font on demand. Beautiful and classic output.

Swiss Typefaces ︎︎︎

London and Switzerland 

High quality typefaces building on the legacy of the Swiss (International) Style, redefining it with their vision of the new generation.

Velvetyne Type Foundry ︎︎︎


Type collective designing and distributing free and open source fonts.

VJ Type ︎︎︎


Type designed by studio Violaine et Jeremy. Unique and stunning offerings.

Vocal Type ︎︎︎


Tré Seals, founder of Studio Seals, created a type foundry that introduces a diverse perspective from design communities that had a small voice in the industry.