Dark Room ︎︎︎


Virtual space to explore the possibilities and create static fonts out of variable fonts.

enFont Terrible ︎︎︎


Drop any font file in and distort it beyond recognition.

Fonts in Use ︎︎︎


Archive of fonts-in-use on design projects. Old and new fonts.

Letters from the Temporary State ︎︎︎


Riveting essays on type.

Phase ︎︎︎


You could lose hours to Elias Hanzer's generative type concept. Distort and transform the text, then download your creation as a font, free of charge.

Sidebearings ︎︎︎

Type Resources

Kind of like this very resources website, but exclusively type related resources. From foundaries, to talks , to tutorials.

Typewolf ︎︎︎

Archive + Email

Typography trends, directory of fonts in use and PDF lists of font combinations with Adobe Font Kit alternatives for most featured fonts.

Type with Pride ︎︎︎


Free font inspired by Gilbert Baker's Rainbow Flag.